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  • I received my 2 St. James shirts and 1 hoodie ("Free shipping on 3 garments". My fiancée is lucky the jacket I bought for her doesn't fit me 😇. Think I'm scared of her? Pshht... Here she comes! Almost had to buy some new pants!🤫🤣). Great work! I love the feel of Gildan. Beautiful designs. I can see why silkscreens are a thing of the past. Quality items.

    Junior C

  • Hello! I've been a fan of your St. James Premium Rye Whiskey and had to support a hometown favorite. I see the St. James site is almost up. Thank you for the custom quote for the jacket I want with your new design. James' head on the back. Very fair price! Can James really sign it?? I'll e-mail what I want it to say 😍. I should trademark it. 🥵😅 I'll send the permanent acrylic paint pen. I'm writing you back now! Love.

    Jackie T

  • Hola! I received my items today. You made me and my man get into a fight, I hope you know (well, you do now! hehe). My package arrived. He's hovering over me like a vulture. I WAS going to buy him a XXL shirt but, I didn't.  I even saw the "buy 3 items and get free shipping". That fool needs a job. F.R! J/k. Love the items! Your new best friend 🧡

    Anna B